Led Bulb 7W MPE LBD-7

Product Code: LBD-7T /V

38,000 ₫
Led Bulb LBD-7W with 2 product codes: LBD-7T, LBD-7V with the same price of 56,700 VND

Luminous Flux: 700 lm

Endurance: 30,000 hours

Color Temperature (CCT): 2800-3200K / 6000-6500K. Light yellow, white. Continuous light, good for eyesight

European Standard CE - RoHS

Voltage: 100-240VAC

Base: E27

Weight: 26g

LED chip: SMD2835

RA> 80 High Color Rendering Index

Power Factor (PF):> 0.5

Instant Light: 0s

Led Bulb MPE LBD-7W size: Ø60mm x 112mm

Packing: 1 pc / box, 100 pcs / carton

High quality PC plastic material, impact resistant, heat resistant and good light transmission.

The lamp has many types of light, compact design, luxurious design suitable for home lighting space, landscape decoration ...