Led Bulb LB-40 White, Yellow, Neutral

Product Code: LB-40T /N/V

345,300 ₫
Led Bulb 40W includes 3 product codes: LB-40T, LB-40N, LB-40V with the same price of 345,300 VND

Luminous Flux: 3,600 lm

Color Temperature (CCT): 6000-6500K / 4000-4500K / 2800-3200K. White, neutral, yellow. Continuous light, no flickering, good for eyesight

European Standard CE - RoHS

Voltage: 176-240VAC

Endurance: 30,000 hours

Base: E27

LED chip: SMD 2835

RA> 80 High Color Rendering Index

Power factor (PF):> 0.5

Instant Light: 0s

No Mercury


Lumination Angle: 270 °

MPE Led Bulb size: Ø118mm x 205mm

Packing: 1 pc / box, 12 pcs / carton

Beautiful design, many types, easy to install for all projects: townhouses, luxury apartments, villas, buildings, offices, factories, factories, factories, warehouses, restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, showrooms, ...