PVC rigid conduit Ø 32

Product Code: A9032L

77,000 ₫
Outer diameter OD: 32 mm
Diameter in ID: 14.7 mm
Thickness T: 1.3 mm
Pipe length L: 2920 mm
+ PVC rigid conduit is made from high quality PVC, manufactured according to BSEN-61386-21 standard
+ Withstand compressive force 320N
+ PVC pipes have the following advantages:

- Withstand high compressive force: no cracks, breakage when installed in the wall, sound floor and underground
- Withstand strong impact
- High ductility: easy to bend at will, can be bent to 900
- Good insulation: withstand voltage up to 2000V
Self-flame retardant: does not burn into a flame when burning directly, the flame self-extinguishes in less than 30 seconds
- Anti-corrosion and anti-UV
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