Led Panel Floating Square Dimmer 18W White, yellow

Product Code: SSPL-18T ,V/DIM

670,500 ₫
Dimmer 18W Dimmer Ceiling Panel Lights

Power factor (PF):> 0.5

Luminous flux: 1,500 lm

Color Temperature (CCT): 6000-6500K / 2800-3200K. White and yellow light corresponds to 2 product codes: SSPL-18T / DIM, SSPL-18V / DIM with the same price of 711,900 VND

Color rendering index (CRI):> 80

MPE Dimmable Led Surface Mounted Square Panel size: 217mm × 217mm x 35mm

Packing: 1 pc / box, 20 pcs / carton

Dimmable dimmer adjustment